About Parker Simon

Climbing New Zealand

I’m absolutely passionate about how transformative communication and design can change the way humans perceive themselves and their world. I particularly enjoy when an organization or person realizes a deeper truth, growing further because of it.

My interest and skills have enabled me to work with research and insights, strategy development, brand marketing, and digital user experience to help organizations and products become more desirable and differentiated by design. I’ve built narratives and experiences whose point is human, and love connecting dots to create new meaning. With a bit of all-hands-on-deck experience in startups, I thrive on the energy and teamwork in a constantly challenging environment.

I’m fascinated about what attracts people to things and believe values are key hidden drivers of the human experience. Basically, I think intellectual and emotional development deserves a seat next to technology to adequately call this show “progress.”

I’m always interested in the diverse experiences of others. Please say hello!


Emerson College
Marketing Communications, Honors (Summa Cum Laude)

Currently Reading
Autobiography of a Yogi

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