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“I am amazed, saddened and angry that people don’t realize that other people are people.”

From a young age, society trains us to view negative emotion as a failure. When negative emotions arise, we treat them as “unacceptable” and try to either blame others or suppress the feelings. But emotion isn’t the enemy; it’s valuable information (subconscious signs of your Human Values) that we can consciously respond to and learn from to improve our lives and our communities.

Voice is a social tool made by Like Humans. Its purpose is to create new understandings within social situations and facilitate action to improve the quality of human experience.

Rather than rely on the all-too-common opinionated fights (and violence), we wanted to demonstrate that this society could strive toward its Human Values in more conscious and constructive ways.

Try the Voice tool: voice.likehumans.com ↗

Read more about the design approach in our Medium.com article: “How to Find Group Unity Amidst Individual Disagreement” ↗

Within the Like Humans product portfolio, a name and experience rooted in empathy. Remember, “you” are just another “I.”

Insights Report
The results and insights from the 2016 Post-Election Voice, with constructive possibilities for action.
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Interactive Results
A live-view of user data and contextual relationships of human values, emotions, political affiliation, and age. Values and emotions bubbles are sized by the number of responses. They are connected when an individual links them in their response.
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Voices mailed to the White House
Sending values-based insights from the culture to its leaders.

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