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“Very few, if any, were explaining what they were doing. So we decided to do just that, and it really caught on.”

Beginning as the dream of two high school kids in a bedroom studio, the music production career of Mason “MdL” Levy rose to Grammy-nominated status and an industry-respected name.

As his all-around creative counterpart and project manager, I worked to generate awareness and person-brand content with a multi-channel approach. Via an online journal filled with behind-the-scenes studio sessions and music production tutorials (an early innovator in the category), Mason grew from an unknown to a professional musician with a network of fans and millions of views. His talent and exposure snowballed into one of the youngest major label producer deal signings at 19 years old.

Through a reputation built on his leading-edge quality and professional integrity, we parlayed his vision beyond Billboard hits into creating boutique sound-pack products, representing music software companies, composing for Hollywood film and brand campaigns, and leading a workshop for USC’s Thornton School of Music undergrad students.

Original Music Production for Blank Label "Fit + Fitness" Campaign

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