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Blank Label
Boston, MA

My Role
Research & Insights
Organizational Strategy
Identity & Creative Direction
Product Development
Narrative Content
UX & Service Design
Web Production
Image Production
Video Production

“It didn’t seem fair… I thought it was impossible to find clothes that could fit me.”

As the founding Creative Director at Blank Label, I had the opportunity to set a course – to make it more desirable and differentiated by design.

I recognized the consumer brand’s central truth: it could leave the mass-produced fashion flatland behind and rise to affirm individual dignity. With custom-made clothing, Blank Label achieves a degree of personal fit that makes each body-type or fit preference look its absolute best, and restores a personal connection to the wardrobe experience.

I delivered higher standards across the entire communication design and product experience by leading customer development, creative brand strategy, an in-house media/content studio, style & merchandise, retail service experience, and user interface both externally and internally.

Within two years of work, Blank Label’s startup product line was shaped into a comprehensive and meaningful brand experience, making the transition from complicated features and empty messaging to easy touch points and emotive human narratives. The company emerged with a new sense of organizational purpose and creative product quality, in turn multiplying its business growth and winning the award for “Boston’s Best: Men’s Suits” back-to-back in its first two years as a retailer.

Point of View: Product Truth, Organizational Purpose, Target Customer Strategy
I re-framed the meanings of custom clothing as a mainstream innovation, creating an inventive point-of-view out of qualitative customer research and organizational purpose development.

Concepts, art, and voice across company materials.
Graphic Designers: Cem EskinaziAugust Foreman

Multi-Platform Digital Product Experience
Entirely redeveloped user journey and responsive interface design for shopping, content, customer service, retail store integration, and more. Collaborated with CTO Zee Sheikh to scope tech functionality, project manage international developers, deliver in JIRA workflow, and debug entire platform.
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Product Story
Company-wide content describing the unique, custom-made construction processes.


Product Development & Merchandise
Developed style perspective, garment construction, and material quality with Davis Vanderlin.

Brand Campaign: Portraits of Fit
A series of profile interviews celebrating human individuality in all sizes and walks of life, featuring real customers from salesmen to scientists. With Blank Label, people realize a new level of personal ease.
Additional Studio & Styling: Sarah Rubenstein, Davis Vanderlin
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Brand Campaign: Fit + Fitness
Online content campaign featuring real-customer professional and amateur athletes, highlighting the flexibility to adjust their fit to their own lifestyle.
Additional A/V Production: Vitor Hirtsch
Original Music Production: MdL
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Seasonal Lookbooks
In-house studio build, photography, and color/post process.
Merchandise & Styling: Davis Vanderlin
Additional Photography: Michael Kinlin
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Email and Online Display Marketing
Customer lifecycle communications and segmented product/content promotions.
Content Design: Sarah Rubenstein

Retail Experience: Pattern Room Appointments
Customer journey, interior layout builds, custom internal point-of-sale interfaces, and internal brand service coaching.
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