Notes On Travel

Notes On Travel

Everyone always wonders, what’s the value of travel? Although it’s an experience of where you are, I think its real experience questions how to live. Here are a few ideas.


April 26 2016, New Zealand

+ Travel asks us to reflect on our own language: the words we speak and think with. What do they mean? In relation to another’s?

+ Travel shows us different patterns of life: where to sit (with a cafe chair on the sidewalk), how to inhabit (consuming less), how to socialize (with a book, so that you may start a conversation anywhere), how to move (successful airport mobility relies on having only a person-sized amount of stuff).

+ Travel gives us the experience of values flexibility – but flexibility is where we can find strength.

+ Travel makes us both forgiving and discerning.

+ The world is both smaller and bigger than we think.

+ There’s a difference between getting older with someone and evolving with someone.

+ Perhaps the biggest myth is that there is not enough for everyone.

+ You are one of many: simultaneously singularly significant, and not.

+ We ought to try more often fixing things with greater understanding rather than greater resources.

+ We are simply expressions of the universal godhead – with an abstract and invisible layer of language wrapped around our existence to suggest we’re different.

+ Practice seeing others through the lens of similarity rather than of difference. See what happens.

+ If we want to create change, the first thing we must create is change within ourselves.

+ We are in more need of an emotional and intellectual evolution than a technical evolution.

+ I will never attack another to make them feel worse so that I may feel better.

+ Relationships are not just about having space for others, but also creating space for others.

+ Recognition of others in your space is important.

+ We need to own less physical space than we think to still have a beautiful life.

+ We may admire things, but not love them. We may love people, but not own them. We must only love life itself.

+ There is no way our little civilization is all that grows in the vast soil of the universe. Somewhere, something is more inventive and evolved than sex-tape celebrity. It would be a shame on God if not.

+ From all directions around, it is INFINITE black.

+ Your body is in your soul.

+ Humans can make anywhere feel like home.

+ There is such thing as gratuitous beauty. It’s called nature.

+ It IS AN EXPERIENCE to be on Earth.

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