About Parker Simon New

Climbing the beauty of New Zealand

With a foundation in marketing communications, I’m passionate about creating transformative development through concepts, designs and experiences. I think critically and systemically, using things like ethnographic/design research, strategy, branding, user experience and digital development to build solutions and create new potentials. Recently, I’ve been working on Like Humans – a consultancy that helps leaders align their organizations with the intrinsic motivations of their team. I hope my work helps people think progressively and feel less alone.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m always interested in good conversation, new resources and the experiences of travelers. Please say hello!

“Immediately begin to form the habit of thinking ‘why’ concerning any effects that please or displease you.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


Emerson College
Marketing Communications, Honors, Summa Cum Laude

Current Read
Autobiography of a Yogi

My human values 
A few of the things I care about as a human.

Creativity Transforming ideas and images into concrete form.
Sharing/Listening/Trust To actively and accurately hear and sense another’s thoughts and feelings. To express your own thoughts and feelings in a climate of mutual trust.
Empathy To deeply relate with others in such a way that they feel understood.
Independence To be free to think and act for yourself, unrestricted by external constraint or authority.
Expressiveness/Joy Sharing thoughts and feelings openly, joyfully and spontaneously.
Being Self The capacity to be authentic in all situations.
Organizational Growth To creatively enable an organization to change and grow.
Research/Original Knowledge The systematic investigation and contemplation of truths and principles that lie behind our experience of reality to create and communicate original insights.
Rights/Respect To respect the rights and property of others as I expect them to respect me and mine.
Art/Beauty To derive pleasure from that which is beautiful.

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